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Welcome to your NEW MCARE website

This website has been designed to give you information about MCARE.

As the MCARE bylaws state:

“The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the welfare of MCARE members and their beneficiaries on a continuing basis: provide current education and information to members; advise membership of legislation and policy affecting retirees; publish a monthly newsletter for the benefit of the membership; and, coordinate group support on issues of special interest and concern to the membership.”

Your MCARE Officers and Directors sincerely hope that this web site will add a new dimension to our communications to members. And also, we hope that it will give you a new and easier way to communicate with us. The Kit Letter is limited to a once a month sharing of information, but does not accommodate “late news” nor an easy way to respond to MCARE. It also is limited in space. This web site should address all of those shortcomings. We welcome your comments and suggestions!

ATTENTION MCARE Members!  Our FREE webinar to learn all about our new website, is available for you to view.  We cover the basics of how to login, how to update your personal profile and your privacy settings.

The webinar is available in two (2) formats. (1) In Adobe Reader format (pdf) and (2) in WMV (Windows Media Video) format.

To view the webinar go to our Training and Handouts web page.

Benefits of MCARE

Join MCARE and keep up with our activities and current news affecting all retirees.

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Upcoming events

05 Jul 2017 10:00 AM • MCERA Offices
11 Jul 2017 12:30 PM • San Rafael Joe's
08 Aug 2017 12:30 PM • San Rafael Joe's

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Benefits of MCARE Website

  • Receive Newsletter by e-mail
  • Lobby Powers through CRCEA
  • Better Communications
  • Event Notification
  • Member's only blog
  • Immediate notification about CRCEA proposed legislative measures affecting retirement benefits.
  • Immediate notification about matters affecting retirement benefits to be discussed at Board of Supervisors or City Council meetings.
  • Immediate information about important matters MCERA wants to share.


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