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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I find a specific web page?
    • Use the navigation tabs at the top of each page to find a specific web page.
    • Or, try using the "Sitemap" to locate specific web pages.
  • How do I sign up to receive the KIT Newsletter by e-mail?  You must be a current MCARE Member.  If you are then go to:  E-Mail Consent Form
  • How do I login?
    • Go to the "home" page at and look in the top right for "Login." Enter your e-mail address.  In the bottom box enter your password.  If you have forgotten your password or were never given one, click on "Forgot password" next to the "Login" box and follow the directions.
      • NOTE:  You MUST be a registered Member of MCARE and we MUST have your e-mail address on file in order for you to login and use this website.
      • IF you are NOT a registered Member of MCARE OR we don't have your e-mail address on file, click here to go to the "Join MCARE" web page and look in the bottom paragraph on how to send your e-mail address to our Membership Chair.
  • Why can't I access the "Members" section?
    • You must be a current Member of MCARE and then you MUST login to the website BEFORE you can access this restricted area.
  • How do I get listed in the Member Directory?
    • You can edit the information in your profile by clicking on “Edit profile” at the top of your personal profile page.  Once you click on “Edit profile” you will go to a page where you can update your personal profile.  While in this “Edit profile” page, click on “Privacy” near the top.
    • This will open another page that displays who can see your profile.  By default, all of these are “locked” so only members can view your profile IF you wish to share it with them.  To share your profile, note the “Show profile to others” sentence near the top.  There is no check mark in this box by default.  IF you wish to share your profile information with other MCARE Members, click on the box which places a check mark in it.  Now click on the “Save” box at the bottom of the page.  This will allow your profile to be shared with other MCARE Members ONLY.  None of this information is visible or accessible to the public. 
    • This will now show your member profile in the Member Directory.
  • How do I join MCARE?
  • If you need more help, click here. Or, you can contact the current MCARE President. 


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