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What is CRCEA?


CRCEA is the acronym for California Retired County Employees Association. It is made up of the twenty county associations of retired employees, MCARE (Marin County Association of Retired Employees) being just one of them. All the twenty counties belonging are formed under the 1937 Act of California Law, and so they have more similarities in organization than those of the remaining California counties. It is a non-profit organization which was formed over 30 years ago by five original counties. The logo of CRCEA is the California Valley Quail which is the official state bird.

Membership and Delegates:

The total membership of the group now stands at over 160,000. Some of the larger member counties like Los Angeles and San Diego account for a large number of our members, while smaller counties like Marin have many less individual members. However, decisions about CRCEA activities, budget and every other aspect, are voted on by the Delegate sent from each county. Therefore, our Marin MCARE delegate vote counts just the same as the Los Angeles delegate.

Elected officers:

These include a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. These officers, and the immediate past President, serve as the Executive Committee which handles CRCEA’s business between conferences, appoints committee members, oversees the committee work and arranges for other services as needed to expedite the business of the organization. Standing committees are: Legislative, Benefits, Affiliate, Conference, Communications, Finance, Nominating, Bylaws, and Membership.


The purpose of CRCEA is to provide a central coordinating group through which the desires and objectives of the local county associations may be advanced. Our mission is also to promote the health, happiness and continued productivity of retirees, (including their beneficiaries/dependents) who are members of local county associations.

Goals and Objectives:

1) Establish a good working relationship with other retiree organizations in the State.
2) Help our county associations obtain and retain benefits for their members.
3) Provide some return/benefit to all CRCEA members, including Affiliates.
4) Provide training and educational seminars for delegates and associations through our semi-annual conferences.
5) Provide legislative, technical and informational support to associations whenever called upon to do so.
6) Develop effective communications methods to keep all CRCEA entities informed on the latest legislation and benefit information.
7) Provide the necessary leadership in the retirement arena to properly represent the 1937 Act County retirees in the State of California.

CRCEA sponsors two conferences each year, one in the fall in a northern region county and one in the spring in a southern county. Marin hosted the 2002 CRCEA Conference in October of 2002 and the Fall 2010 Conference. MCARE will host the Fall 2018 Conference in October 2018.  The conferences are three days and usually begin with an Executive Board meeting on Monday morning, followed by speakers on Monday afternoon and all day Tuesday. Wednesday morning the delegates meet to vote on any pending motions. All retirees are invited to attend for a small registration fee.

Affiliate Members

These are companies that do business with retirees and retiree associations. They include health care providers, insurance, brokerage and other firms. They pay an affiliate fee which helps keep our CRCEA treasury healthy. They have no vote in any CRCEA business.

If you would like to know more about CRCEA, check out their website at

There you will find a listing of the 20 county associations who belong.

CRCEA Articles of Interest to MCARE Members

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CRCEA Newsletters

Visit CRCEA's website at: then click on "News and Events" then on "Newsletters".  Click on the month you wish to view/read.

CRCEA Presentations from Fall 2022 Conference - NOTE:  These are PowerPoint Presentations in Adobe Reader format (pdf).

Click here to read a presentation on legislation activities given at the CRCEA 2022 Fall Conference

Click here to read a presentation on Fraud Protection for Seniors given at the CRCEA 2022 Fall Confernece


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