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PLEASE NOTE: MCARE does NOT provide any health or supplemental insurance plans NOR do we administer any health or supplemental insurance plans! We do offer access to our members to several insurance brokers and providers through 3rd parties such as Pacific Group Agencies (PGA). If you have any questions or concerns about any of the health or supplemental insurance plan you have signed up for or are thinking about, PLEASE CONTACT PGA DIRECTLY.

Phone:  (800) 511-9065

Click on the sentence below to use PGA's web portal to view the various plans available through their services.

Pacific Group Agencies offers special rates to MCARE members - MCARE Supplemental Benefits Information

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Disclaimer & Tips for Contacting PGA

When a member leaves a voicemail we generally call them back within a couple of hours, but always no later than the next business day. However, a fairly common occurrence we run into is where the member does not answer and their voicemail is either not set up properly or their mailbox is full. We will attempt a second call the following business day when this occurs.

NOTE:  If a member has not received Certificates of coverage or ID cards, this is probably the most common complaint we hear from the members regardless of the insurance carrier. It's our belief that they receive a packet from Ameritas or Cigna or one of the other carriers and don't recognize the name and assume it is advertising / junk mail and they don't open it. We have contacted the carriers numerous times to confirm that the ID cards went out for specific members. They have the capability to check that the cards were mailed out and can see if they bounced back.

The ID cards are not needed to receive service. In fact, other than for medical, most carriers don't even issue paper ID cards anymore. However, any member that does not have one can contact PGA or the insurance company for a replacement. With some carriers we are able to email members temporary copies while a paper version is mailed to them.

We do our best to keep members happy. Let us know if you should need anything further.


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