Marin County Association
of Retired Employees

Past Officers and Board Members

From 1991 to 2000

This is a list of past Officers and Board of Members.

1991 Same as 1990  
1992 President                   Paul Fraire
  VP                                                 George Hall
  Treasurer                   Reva Richmond
  Secretary                   Dorothy Hallett
1993 President                                             Mel Augustine
  VP                                                  John De Carlo
  Treasurer                                            Joan Mow
  Secretary                    Dorothy Hallett
1994 President                   John De Carlo
  VP                                                    Don Dimitratos
  Treasurer                                           Edie Mahaney
  Secretary                   Dorothy Hallett
1995 Same slate as 1994  
1996 President                   Don Dimitratos
  VP                                               Lorraine Wrenn
  Treasurer                   Edie Mahaney
  Secretary                 Dorothy Hallett
1997 President                   Don Dimitratos
  VP                                                    Ann Gregory
  Treasurer                                      Mary Jane Thiercof
  Secretary                   Dorothy Hallett
1998 President                   Ann Gregory
  VP                                                   Jack Golan
  Treasurer                   Mary Jane Thiercof
  Secretary                   Dorothy Hallett
1999 President                  Dorothy Hallett
   VP                                                    Tom Hendricks
  Treasurer                 Mary Jane Thiercof
  Secretary                                       Lorraine Wrenn
2000 President                   Dorothy Hallett
  VP                                                Roberto Soriano
  Secretary                  Lorraine Wrenn
  Treasurer                   Mary Jane Thiercof
  Treasurer                                           Allen Haim

Last modified: November 18, 2022

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